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The Volumetric System offers a competitive alternative to traditional construction methods. It is a system perfectly suitable for Hotels, Student Accommodation, and Apartments. Modules arrive on site 90% completed with minimal disruption to the neighbouring properties, almost zero construction waste generation and up to 60% faster project time frames.

Product Key Features:

  • Self-supporting Structural Component

    • Capable of being stacked up to 16 levels with no additional structure required.

  • Designed to be shipped anywhere

    • Using an extensive freight network, the Volumetric System can be handled as standard freight and shipped on container vessels to any container port in the world.

  • Excellent Acoustic and Fire Isolation

    • Each module is separated by an air gap so they act in isolation from each other creating a passage for sound and the spread of fire. In addition to this an acoustic separation is achieved through isolating the interior and exterior frames. The internal linings are also fire rated to protect the steel module and comply with regulations.

  • Bespoke Sizes

    • Although the Volumetric System benefits from container technology they are not shipping containers. Each module is designed and manufactured to match the client's requirements in terms of room size and internal fit-out specification. In the majority of cases modules are longer, wider and taller than a standard ISO container.

Examples done by our manufacturing partner