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Manufacturing Affordability

The things that make modular building attractive to developers also make it an ideal solution for affordable housing.

The speed at which structures can be erected, for instance, means modular buildings can increase housing supply quickly, which has a moderating effect on rents

Product Key Features:

  • Lightweight construction

    • Our solution is manufactured from high tensile light gauge galvanized steel framing. Using the latest wall framing machine technology, it can stand up to the world's harshest environments.

  • Flat rack used for shipment

    • Each module can be easily transported anywhere in the world. The modules are fumigated and wrapped protecting it from transportation damage and allow it to be stacked below deck in shipping vessels.

  • Fully commissioned

    • Our solution are completed in the factory and commissioned so that they can be simply connected on site. Services are tested to the required standards and supplied with certificates to the requirements of our clients. All our service installations meet the NZ, AUS, US and UK building codes and certified by our NZ services inspectors

  • More than a single unit

    • Whilst being a standalone unit, the solution can be combined to form clusters of units. We can provide supporting walkways, verandas, staircases, lifts and storage units. Components are catalogued for ease of assembly and installed on site by our experienced team.