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Modular Schools and Classrooms to deliver faster educational spaces

There is always a desperate need for schools and classrooms, consider using modular buildings.

Modular buildings are:

  • built to exceed the minimum standard used for permanent school buildings, making them perfect for long-term space solutions

  • Built faster with minimum disruption to the school

  • suitable for any kind of site

  • built in a factory, making the process quicker and safer than an onsite build

  • easy to relocate from one school to another.

Modular buildings are flexible, so can be used for teaching, staff and student support spaces, such as:

  • science laboratories

  • technology blocks, including food, woodwork, metal work and electronics

  • dance and drama studios

  • toilets and changing rooms

  • administration and reception areas

  • libraries.

All modular buildings are built in factories to a high-quality standard. They:

  • incorporate information and communication technology

  • exceed minimum requirements on a range of extreme site conditions, including wind, seismic activity, snow and coastal exposure (this allows them to be placed on many different sites)

  • meet the Innovative Learning Environment criteria, the Designing Quality Learning Space standard, and all weather-tightness requirements.